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It was late fall . . .

... and the weather was cold and grey. Winter was just around the corner, and you could feel the chill coming. Cold upon cold of days and nights for months.
Justin unboxed his new heavy, cotton blend, deep chocolate top coat he just got at the John Robert Brown men's fashion salon. The one with the heavy gold buttons.
He slid the closet door open and took out his black dress slacks, a creamy Burberry cotton dress shirt and a green tie with stripes. His new Gucci boots worked really well with all of this. The dark chocolate silk scarf was a must.
The new octagonal patterned gold jacket that the John Robert Brown's store manager had picked out for him last week would go well with all of this somehow... so grab the iPhone and out to the taxi.
Dinner was just around the corner. He was meeting with friends from the theatre and this tradition had become a weekly call for his demi-troupe.
He hoped that the night would end with a non-lonely capri. Hopefully, everyone would be polite and well groomed and looking dapper. He hoped. After all, those you hang around with, become you and the other way around.
If only everyone in town dressed like this. Justin smiled as he entered the restaurant. One hundred eyes were instantly on him. He muttered under his breath - - thank you John Robert Brown!



Now offered for the season:

The Mudder Jean

Slick licorice, lite & dark chocolate, grey & mud-brown create an eye-catching bottom that will get looks from everyone at every angle.

Radical with design, innovative with colour & style. These cotton blends are the zap in your day. Play hard in these give & stretch, skinny leggers. The milk chocolate band wraps around the waist giving an eye-catching ring of desire. Heavy weight, yet cool & comfy.

Waist sizes: 26 - 34.


This cotton blend, original design sweater comes to us from an Asian design team.

Black, warm, cozy, comfy, unusual, striking - just a few notes to describe a stunning choice for cool days. Can be worn commando or with a black silk undershirt.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Another John Robert Brown exclusive - just for the summer heat.

Cool in style, comfort & the Florida heat. This two piece powder blue summer day suit is a cotton-poly blend, wrinkle resistant & easy care.

This baby blue fashion statement is oh, so casual, yet so terribly appropriate & formal enough for a very special afternoon garden party.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


The salon's favorite evening shirt for the summer heat...

... and a new discovery for those wandering eyes in the night!

Basic black, sheer fabric with a golden accent strip. Deep 'V' neck line with a flat-trim waist design. Comfortable & cool.

Sizes: small, medium & large.


Summer Silk!

The 'Royal Cranberry Suite' by John Robert Brown.

This imported 100% pure silk set is a total evening suite crafted in royal majesty cranberry. The fine weave is cool, shimmering & sensual against your skin. Offered as a 2-piece set only, with scant undies & a v-neck tee top.

Sizes: small, medium & large.


The Fluffer!

The word 'Radical' just doesn't seem strong enough to describe this male wonder of design.

We gave our designer-artist instructions for 'full throttle ahead' & instructed him to go where no one had gone before.

The result is a masterpiece of innovation & style.

Available only in petite & small.



An Ultra-Style lace up man's casual shoe in a stunning Champagne finish!

Our stylish flat suede leisure high-top design. Sure-grip rubber sole. Breathable interior and a comfy-cozy relaxed fit. Ergonomic & foot-healthy. Run, play or even walk the walls in this one.

Style beyond style - & comfort beyond bliss! Only from John Robert Brown!

Available in: 8, 9, 10 & 11.


Oh so comfortable! A perfect fit in all of the right places!

You just can't help but feel sexxy in this cool undie design. A vibrant summer green with a breen-banded accent. Your junk is full front & 'in your face'. A fine cotton blend that hugs & snugs.... just enough to feel really good.

Colour: Summer green.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


The Starz & The Stripes!

The salon's very own "Starz-n-Stripes" men's jeans. Finest cotton, bubble-butt fit & finely finished.

Colour: Licorice Candy.

Smoothly, roughed up look with multiple muted tones.

Waist sizes: 24" - 36"


Bow Tie Guys!

BTG's are a special breed all their own. Stylish & secure in their manhood.

Discover bold, colourful styles to properly accent your favorite shirt.

More than 200 styles & colours to view, including popular British brands.

$14 - $95

John Robert Brown has the very best selection of under goodies & sexxy undergear in Florida!

More than 150 colours & styles, forever changing. Briefs, boxer briefs, jocks, bikini, modified boxer briefs, euro trunks, boxer trunks, g-strings, loin cloths, morning wood, strap arounds, spider briefs, pouch briefs, spaghetti bikini, indian waist cloths, open backs, lace up, faux covers, pouch grabbers, junk rounds, north star pointers, open pointers, mesh low risers, padded briefs, package boosters, banded briefs & many more...

Sizes: ultra petite, petite, small, medium, large, x-large & xx-large.


In-Vesting in the gym!

An ultra-rad design. This casual, work-out, button up exercise vest is a cool cotton blend & a bold statement.

Button up as tight as you wish, or go with an unbuttoned more fleshy-expressive look.

This one is sure to get attention from da boiz at the gym. Grey, black or virginal white.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


The Golden Boy.

These 'golden broq' cotton blend, knee length shorts have a band of curved satin gold just above the knee, accenting your legs.

A salon exclusive.


Are you daring enough to wear this tonight?

This Italian design puts it all out front...

A soft cotton blend in pure white magic. Cool & comfy day or night. Extra relaxed collar creates additional relaxation.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


These British woolen-cotton trousers are for the exceptional man on the go.

Legs drape down onto a relaxed ankle. The lattice striped, slimming design works for both autumn & winter days. Button fly accents your junk-line.

A John Robert Brown limited edition.

Sizes: petite & small.


Jump into a cool summer splash with these pop-on banded cotton tops.

A 3/4 sleeve gives ultra comfort & style. Available in a dozen vibrant colours. Unique natural weave & finest soft fabric. Super comfort and a youthful fit.

Sizes: petite, small, medium, large & x-large.


Two-in-one in colour & style.

A combo traditional blue denim jean coupled with a gray base. Super soft & ultra sheen make these so, so comfortable. Enhanced bubble-butt form & an x-lux feel.

One of our in-store model's fav bottoms.

Sizes: waist 28"- 38"


This deeply comfortable undergear suite has become a huge hit with our salon models.

Smooth & slick feeling, this matching, micro modal grey undie-set accents every inch of your manhood, from your six pack to your sex pack. And - this cotton blend gives.... just enough to feel comfy all day long.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


All tied up!

Radical men's 'rope design' slim leg fun pants. A unique denim-cotton-spandex blend with a unique knotty-rope look and feel.

A salon exclusive - just for fun!

Sizes: petite & small only.


Ultimate comfort!

Cutting edge design, slip on & run shoe.

Full leather upper in dark gray, with cherry trim & sole. Interior lined in a comfy gold tone fabric.

The salon's favorite slip on shoe.

Light weight, ultra-grip sole with red accents. Gorgeous!

Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12.


Full sleeves ahead!

Our designer took what is recognized as 'suit material' & created this 'one-of-a-kind' top.

This radical design statement has a long arm, poly scant motif & gives a sleek look while being an over the top fashion statement. The geometric neck line accents the face.

Black slacks are a must with this dressy evening top.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


This Gianni Versace summer set for 2017 is only for the brave!

Our latest conquest from Italy - this Italian designer hit on 'Cabernet Crown' & went wild! The match-set includes above knee shorts & a coordinated grasping-neck tee in a cling-free, cool, shimmering blend. Perfect for an afternoon visit to your favorite bar!

Sizes: small, medium & large.


Just in from our LA connection - - -

... a gorgeous, soft & luxurious dark red, cotton jean. Gathered ankle gives a sense of comfort and style.

Great bubble-butt fit & deep comfy-cozy pockets. Zip up & hit the road. Available only in 'kidney bean' red.

Sizes: petite, small, medium & large.


A night time rainbow!

Men's colourful, retro long sleeve shirt in black & navy. The batik-peacock design elements enhance your shoulders & chest - while the rainbow design grabs the black lights on the dance floor for a spectacular effect as you seem to float!

This fun, 'O' neck, cotton blend top has a slick look & feel.

Pizzazz plus! Only from John Robert Brown!

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Tommy's all tied up....

A drawstring waist pulls it all in & gets it together in three sexxy colours.

This cotton blend swimmer trunk has just enough stretch, accents your junk & shows just a touch of naughtiness. Comfy soft with exquisite detail & finish.

Sizes: small, medium & large.



Our very own 'sapphire jean' in a cool blue cotton weave, with detailed stitching & cuffs.

The ultimate bubble-butt fit, with four traditional pockets. A nifty-neat look & feel.

For youthful men only. Zip up & head on out.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Our Club Shirt.

This Pan-Asian design offers up a splash of colour. Bold, long sleeves accent shoulders and chest. The ultimate 'Club Shirt'. Fine cotton weave & smooth finish.

Sizes: petite, small, medium, & large.


Drab green essence to the hilt - and only from John Robert Brown!

Check out this radical design jacket for fall. This military khaki rain-splasher has multiple zips & pockets abounding & is fully lined.

A medium weight jacket that is a comfy-cozy experience in luxury & style. Available in drab green as shown.

Sizes small, medium & large.


Broadway Boys Upscale Casuals - menswear

Patches on pull ups.

Another radical fashion statement from the artists at John Robert Brown! Layer after later.

Colourful-patch design party jean with a sexy button fly.

Sizes: 24"-36" waist.


If less is more - - then more is less... more or less...

These revealing undies leave nothing to the imagination.

A cotton blend of cool comfy fabric gently wraps your entire package and keeps it snug & firm. Soft with exquisite detail & finish. The penis pouch gives & takes, as you ebb & flow throughout the day... the 'full-filled look' is amazing under a pair of tight jeans.

Front pouch stretches enough to accommodate most adult men.

A salon special offering exclusive in five mouth watering colours.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Broadway Boys Upscale Casuals - Men's Casual Wear

A unisex design from CK Jeans! A cool cotton sleeveless hoody for the beach. Kangaroo pocket.

Layer this with a light weight John Robert Brown designer 'T'. Ultra comfort & style.

Sizes: small, medium large, x-large & xx-large.



A cherry red & mouth watering delicious site.

This unisex top - a design from Asia designers on call, is now offered at our Florida salon in a limited release.

The light weight, cherry drop evening shirt should be paired with black dress slacks & red undies - just because.

Ultra comfort & style. Stunning cut & fit. For slim figues only.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Broadway Boys Upscale Casuals - menswear

Simply FUN! Nothing more or less with these geo-pattern, confetti fun sneakers.

Light weight, super comfort & rad-style. Foot-Fun!

Sizes: 7 - 11.


A new arrival for the salon & a recent creation from Chinese designer-exporter Jack Cheng & his 'FanZhuan' collection.

This gorgeous (basic black) fashion artist from the Fujian Province of eastern coastal China makes an exceptional statement as design artist for the Broadway Boys.

This top has accents of pure chocolate-gold magic, in a cotton-bamboo 'O' neck. Stunning cut & finish make this our most popular evening Tee to date. Limited edition.

Sizes: petite & small.


The Golden Boi.

This unique golden glam set is a stunning blend of lycra, modal & poly fabrics. Thin & sexxy.

For special occasions or a fab photo shoot - head on in to the bed for a 24k experience.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


A new design from the John Robert Brown artists.

More buttons than you can count.... A jeans design that gives new meaning to 'pockets'.

Buff-light blue.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Cubes, blocks, squares, zig-zags & checks - all on your bottom!

These colourful beach shorts are a bold summer statement. Get noticed fast as you glide by in these cotton-poly blend medium length swimmers.

Sizes: petite, small, medium, large & x-large.


Cubes, blocks, squares & checkers - all on a top.

Our latest overcoat-jacket shouts out a strong 'this is who I am' to everyone in sight. Bold red & burgundy on a deep blue base.

Fine cotton blend fabric, with exquisite detail & finishing touches. A limited edition from Broadway Boys.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Cobbler Legend leather goods.

Simply the most beautiful leather goods for the discerning man!

We offer an exclusive men's 3-piece travel set. A large, fine leather weekender shoulder bag, a toiletries bag & fun sex kit pouch.

Finest quality patch-work design first quality leather & leather straps. Spacious Cobbler Legend interiors with multiple pockets, fully lined.

Our three piece travel set including adjustable shoulder straps. Style, comfort & flair! Only from John Robert Brown!


A fashion statement with a thousand colours!

Men's colourful, stained glass design retro short sleeve casual shirt, in a dusty cream with multiple 3-D windows.

Pair this top with our cotton blend, dark blue stretch jeans for brilliant contrast & a thousand looks of envy.

Only when in Rome, as the Italian boys say... a unique design from John Robert Brown!

Sizes: ultra petite, petite, small, medium, large & x-large.




Hats off! - - - Hats ON!

Stylize. Colourize. Accessorize.

Celebrate your own hat fashion statement with Don & the gang at the sports arena - - - baseball or hockey, golf & tennis, or just a hat-clad BBQ by the pool.

Hats are in & more guys are out....

More guys than ever are doing a hat or two these days.

More than 100 styles & colours to view. Forever changing, so stay in Style!


Warm up for winter 2018 with this stunning winter jacket. A fab new denim design from our salon experts!

Dusty pink hues with a golden shower interior make the ultimate statement. New pocket design conceals your most precious personals.

Heavy weight fabric gives extra body plus a look & feel of comfy-cozy luxury.

Available in dusty pink champagne finish as shown.

Sizes petite, small, medium & large.



This one is just too comfortable to describe.

A soft blend of cotton & absorbent fabrics give enough to be comfy yet feel great against your skin at the same time. Plus, room to grow during the night.

Green-breen tones & a shimmer or two. One of our most requested sleep sets.

Size: petite, small & medium.


Italian design men's club shirt with bold, stained glass colours. Black base accents this unique palette design, with a tarnished shoulder accent.

Finest fabric weave with exquisite detail & finish.

Sizes: small, medium & large.


Caribbean flare!

Totally revealing design. Men's undie/jock/g-string style. Front pouch accents junk. Cool, comfy front & back. Side slit shows off tan line & more. Soft & sheer with exquisite detail & finish.

A John Robert Brown exclusive in six sexxy colours.

Sizes: petite, small, medium & large.


Our fashion Savvy pastel snakeskin sneaker..... just because!

Cotton lined inside, leather outside, non-skid sole. A sure attention grabber.

Stunning design & a myriad of colours. A Broadway Boys exclusive!

Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.


Basic as Black!

Fashioned by a young dynamic Asian designer, this subtle black evening shirt has all the aspects of dignity & refinement... while still being quite the bold statement.

Limited edition from our salon.

Available in sizes petite & small only.



Climb into bed with a pair of cozy-sexxy pajamas.

More guys than ever are turning back to a bed time PJ fashion statement.

For comfort, dryness & the great feel of a soft, sexxy fabric against your skin.

Assorted styles & colours.

Sizes: petite, small, medium, large & X-large.

from $44

John Robert Brown's new 'Travel Casual Shirt'.

Pop this into your shoulder bag, & it pops right back out ready to wear.

Unique wrinkle resistant, with element stripes on heavy cotton fabric. Dusky earth-gray with royal blue band stripes. Cool cotton.

Sizes: petite, small, medium, large & x-large.


Amazing. The dynamic bottom.

Perfect construction - leaving nothing to the imagination. Thick & rich. Our imported men's Tartan Short. A cotton blend of finest quality.

Amazing detail with geo-effects & look. Heavy weight feel. Luxurious look. 100% comfort & style.

Sizes petite, small, medium, large, x-large & xx-large.


An Italian original design from our 2017 collection.

Black & gold comfy men's dress shoe with PU leather accent. Curved toe & rounded comfort heel fit. Unique design & exceptional comfort.

Sizes 7, 8, 9 & 10.


Working out on new levels. Sheer & light. This 2-piece compression suite comes in red, tan & green. Silky & soft in all the right places. Not withstanding the built-in compass.

Bottom: smooth bubble-butt hugs & lifts, while the front panel lends a subtle accent to your junk.

Top: hugs just enough, yet eases those stretches & keeps you cool & dry.

All in all - a fabric blend that gives just enough to feel good all over.

Sizes: petite, small, medium & large.


Finest quality, David Beckam Navy Blazer. Gold buttons, silk lined, Stunning cut, heavy weight dress jacket.

Sizes petite, small & medium.


Our favorite in-store designer came up with this bold fashion statement.

SQUARES on black & white. Cool cotton blend, formal look while still being quite bold. A limited edition.

Size: medium, large & x-large.


Be Cool!

And have more fun in the sun.

Strut in colour with these fun sun shades for the beach or at your next luncheon out with the guys.

Stylish, eye healthy & colourful beyond the rainbow...

More than 30 colours, brands & styles to view.


One of our favorite models 'Tommy' dons this exotic, heavy weight natural blend of the finest fabric.

This pearly white semi-traditional dress shirt looks back upon fond memories & has black pearl buttons.

The rose is optional... awaiting your return.

Size: petite, medium & large.



Fashionable or not? Always.

Winter or summer they work with almost any outfit. Let us show you our 50 different colours, styles & attitudes.

Light weight fabrics, or warm winter layers. Comfy, cozy & they go everywhere!

All sizes available.


Muscle mesh top & bottom.

For those who are versatile with little modesty.

Black mesh cool & comfy suite is a hit for the beach (private) or the bedroom. This one longs for a honeymoon scene.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Bow Ties at new heights!

A quite beautiful design - inspired by the peacock with the traditional 'eye' looking on. The blue & green miriad of colours captures the spirit of the day in style.

Exclusive from John Robert Brown!


bow ties.

... just another
reminder that we
do have the best
selection in town...

... both Devon
& his twin brother
Evan agree.


The John Robert Brown models get in line when it comes time to model these strutting bottoms.

Trimmed in creamy white, these pink base side-ties are a dream to get into. Just enough accent on your junk to be mouth watering. And the bubble butt design lifts just slightly. They are comfy, sexy & cool.

Sizes: petite, small, medium & large.


John Robert Brown's
#1 selling shoe.

A Clark's knock-off design of a top Italian house. Finest quality, ultra comfort shoe, pocket lined & unique heel. Ergo-design.

Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.


From the most affluent Italian designer of men's high fashion... our 'Just Cavalli' men's fine jeans. Mediterranean design, fine quality, bubble butt & accented junk line. Medium weight fabric, scuffed with two tone deep sky blue & vanilla bean ice cream patterns. 100% finest cotton, unique geo design. Super soft & luxurious. Stunning leg taper & comfy beyond...

Sizes: petite & small.


Tease them with Tee's to layer for...

Layering two or three pieces can make an outfit more than it is... visually, creating a more complex statement.

These fine cotton 'T's' come in 50 shades & hues, & more than 20 different styles & fabrics. 'O necks' & 'V' necks.

Sizes: ultra petite, petite, small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large & xxx-large.


Bamboo novelty shades.

Smooth, hand crafted & personally finished, each pair of these 'zero-weight' eye-healthy glasses come with their own carved wooden case.

A 'sure to talk about' item at the next lunch with the guys.


Our radical cotton-canvas sneaker.

30 foot laces wrap the entire shoe twice around. Unique design and exceptional comfort. Available in Black or Green. Only from John Robert Brown!

Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10.


Our new denim jacket design.

Totally luxurious men's jacket. A heavy weight blend of fine cottons in a deep indigo hue with large gold buttons. Fine detail and a dynamic cut to the waist.

Sizes: x-petite, petite, small, medium, large, x-large & xx-large.


Red Hot!

Our salon models love this comfy sleep bottom.

For comfort, sexiness & style - this one is a must for your nite time closet. Sheer & see-through, cool & hot at the same time.

Sizes: ultra petite, petite, small.


Robert Graham long sleeve dress shirt. Band & fine stripe design.

Fine cotton weave & finish. Offered in three dynamic colours.

Sizes: large, x-large, xx-large & xxx-large.


Cobbler Legend.

Simply the most beautiful leather goods for the discerning man!

This year's newest Cobbler Legend Lap-Case in multi-tone finest quality leather. Holds most LapTops & MacBook models.

Finest quality patch-work design & first quality leather, hand grip & adjustable leather strap.

Soft, luxurious style, comfort & flair!

Only from John Robert Brown!


The Gucci 'V'.

Traditional "deep-v neck" men's sweater by Gucci. Black and white with black edging finish.

Finest cotton weave & finish.

Sizes: petite, small & medium.


This new deep comfort, modified check design boxer brief comes in five vibrant colours.

Smooth bubble-butt with a subtle accent on your junk. Fine cotton blend that gives.... just enough to feel good.

Sizes: petite, small, medium & large.


Just in from the Louis Vuitton collection for 2016 Cotton-canvas sneaker with paten leather trim. Curved toe & rounded comfort heel fit. Unique design & exceptional comfort. Available in Black/white & Blue/white.

Sizes 8, 9 & 10.


Known for its afternoon teas, the John Robert Brown fashion salon now offers this 16 piece tea set featured at our formal Sunday affairs.

Choose either cherry red, lemon custard or royal blue. The delicate cups have a white interior with hand-finished accents of real gold paint.

This fine bone China set includes one teapot, four tea cups & four saucers, 3-tier scone stand, gold service tongs, tea strainer & four gold tea spoons.


..... oh - and did we mention that we carry a ton of undergear at our boutique?

.... always more than 100 styles & colours to view.

New arrivals weekly.

'click here' to see more of our ever-changing designs, colours & styles from John Robert Brown.


Spanish flight!

Summer splash with this Desigual short sleeve cotton shirt.

Unique colourful design & finest soft fabric. Ultra smooth & luxurious. Super comfort and a relaxed youthful fit.

Sizes: petite, small, medium, large & x-large.


Don't forget the bow tie guy.


* Information & details on products offered are accurate at the time of publishing.
Most items are one of a kind & limited editions. Prices, quantities & available styles may change daily.
Clothing & accessories listed are subject to sale or change without notice.


Our custom, hand worked object of art. In forest satin with art panels. $2,500.

John Robert Brown
18 West Dakin Ave, Suite B
Kissimmee, FL 34741
~ shown by appointment only ~
tele / text: 310.910.1120




The Euro Man.


What could we possibly say about this radical statement in western-euro fashion - for an evening out in Spain, Portugal... or anywhere.


Fine quality, one-of-a-kind men's 'tortuga-influenced' dress suit from Spain. Amazing detail. Mouth watering tastes of licorice with gold, silver & leche.


Gold buttons, silk lined, Stunning cut, heavy weight dress jacket, slacks & accent belt.


Dusty-cream silk-satin shirt is available in ten different hues.


Sizes: petite, small & medium.


Jacket: $2160

Slacks: $880

Belt: $265

Shirt: $425



~ Afternoon Tea ~

Afternoon tea at the John Robert Brown fashion boutique has become a monthly tradition & a highly anticipated affair for our models & our clients - - a very special experience for like-minded men... discreet, comfortable & delicious.
For several years now a lovely, upscale afternoon tea has been offered to our loyal clients & their friends on the first Sunday of each month.
Hosted by our in-store models, guests are treated to a beautiful table of upscale traditional tea & beverages, sweets & savory selections, served on fine china & exquisite crystal.
Tele or Text @ 310.910.1120
for this months venue.
Upscale casual attire suggested.
Guests 18 and over only for this event.
No purchase required.

And as you head down that runway of life....
... always make sure you are properly dressed.







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